2009 Appearances

November 2009


DrMichael Zey addressed the New Jersey chapter of MENSA, the high-IQ organization. His address, "Reviving the American Economy," was a 2-hour vision for revitalizing the US economy, and dealt with a range of technological and cultural issues. It was held at the Hilton in Woodbridge, NJ.


Dr. Michael G. Zey lectured on the social, political, and economic  impact of the superlongevity revolution and  human enhancement technologies to the State of California's Command College in Sacramento California. This program  provides law enforcement personnel leadership training with a futures perspective to prepare them for  key emerging positions.

Dr. Michael G. Zey delivered two papers at the 2009 annual conference of the World Future Society, to be held at the in Chicago, Illinois. One paper is entitled “Energizing the Global Economy” and the other presentation is called “Guidelines For the Future: Making Predictions in an Unpredictable World.”


The online magazine “HealthDay” (www.healthday.com) interviewed Dr. Michael Zey on a variety of issues related to superlongevity, human enhancement, and the steps that people can take to extend their lives and improve their health.

Dr. Zey’s book Seizing the Future is being considered for translation into Arabic by Egypt's National Center for Translation.


KNX-AM, the Los Angeles/Southern California CBS affiliate interviewed Dr. Michael G. Zey February 15th  on the human enhancement revolution and its impact on society, politics, and culture. The interview touched on the steroid scandals in sports. Zey's interview ran in various formats during the week of February 15th-22nd


KNX-AM, the Los Angeles/Southern California CBS news station interviewed Dr. Zey about the state of energy development in the United States and the impact of President Obam’s energy package on the American economy. 

Michael Zey was interviewed by Los Angeles News affiliate KNX-AM about the development of medical tourism and how it will impact healthcare in the U.S. and globally.  Zey speculated on how “Obamacare”  might affect the growth of medical tourism. 

News12, New Jersey’s television news station, invited Michael G. Zey to appear on the stations news program to describe his economic and technological  predictions for 2009. 


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