2007 Appearances

December, 2007

Michael G. Zey was a guest on AT&T's TechChannel, on their "TechNet" show in December, 2007.  Dr. Zey appeared with a bio-ethicist from Princeton Theological in a discussion on the ethical issues related to superlongevity and human enhancement. The program is podcast permanently on


Dr. Michael Zey appeared on KNX-AM (the Los Angeles CBS affiliate) in late December for an interview that ran on the station  as  snippets throughout the weekend of Dec. 26 and was played during the following week. The interview dealt with Baby Boomers and their retirement and career issues.

November, 2007

Dr. Michael Zey appeared in November on the national syndicated “Louie Free Show.” This progam originates through stations WWOW-AM, WASN-AM, WRPB-AM, and WGFT-AM in Cleveland Ohio. The show also runs on the Internet.

 Dr. Michael Zey will speak on the topic of Superlongevity and his new book Ageless Nation at the “Future Trends” annual meeting of the Institute for International Research held at Key Biscayne Fla. In November, 2007. This meeting is attended by representatives of many large corporations including General Mills, Disney, and Boeing, and many countries. Also appearing as a keynote speaker is Sir Bob Geldorf, rock star-turned-philanthropist in the Bono mode of Live Aid and other such international relief efforts.) A book signing forAgeless Nation at the conference is scheduled.

October. 2007

On Oct. 13, 2007. Michael Zey appeared on “The Jill Spiegel Show” on Minneapolis’ all talk station 50,000 watt 107.1FM, WFMP-FM. Host Jill Spiegel discussed with Dr. Zey the breakthroughs leading to the Superlongevity Revolution as described in his book “Ageless Nation.” http://www.fm107.fm

Dr. Michael Zey was a guest on super-station WLW-AM Cincinnati Ohio’s   “The Jim Scott Show”. This program is listed by Talkers magazine in its “Heavy 100,” programs in terms of  influence and audience reach. They discussed aspects of Zey’s book “Ageless Nation.”

Michael Zey appeared on “The Frankie Boyer Show “, on  WBIX-AM Boston. Langer Broadcasting Boston.  He did a 30-minute interview discussing superlongevity and his book “Ageless Nation

Zey appeared did a  30 minutes live interview on superlongevity on WINA, Charlottesville, VA. The program was  “Right Now” with host Coy Barefoot. “ They discussed his book “Ageless Nation.”

Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared on the nationally syndicated show “Touch of Grey,” which is produced by the Talk America Radio Network. Hosts Steven Weissman and Carole Marks discussed with Zey his book Ageless Nation and the economic implications of superlongevity.

Sept. 2007

Dr. Michael G. Zey was interviewed on ABC Radio Network’s   Richard & Lori Show a  national syndicated program, on his book Ageless Nation.  They discussed the impact of optimism and pessimism on individual’s health.

Michael Zey’s article “What Medical Tourism Can Teach America,” appeared in the Providence Journal on Sept. 13, 2007. The article has been picked up world wide, and highlighted in several Asian news services and magazines.http://www.projo.com/opinion/contributors/content/CT_zey13_09-13-07_DO72M9U.1aff7eb.html

Zey’s “Ageless Nation” received a strong positive review in “Publisher’s Weekly,” which dubbed the book “intriguing,” and “fascinating.”http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6471623.html?industryid=47263

Michael G. Zey appeared again on KNX-AM in  Los Angeles. Zey did a longer 15-minute interview on various aspects of Superlongevity and his book Ageless Nation. The interview was featured as a series of shorter interviews on KNX that were played continually  throughout the Labor Day weekend on KNX.

Dr. Zey was featured on the Frankie Boyer Show, on  WBIX-AM & Langer Broadcasting, featured in  Boston And broadcast nationally. They discussed his book Ageless Nation. Topics covered during the one-hour discussion included medical breakthroughs and the role of positive thinking in maintaining health.

Host Jeff Schectman interviewed Michael Zey on his new book Ageless Nation: The Quest for Superlongevity and Physical Perfection, on  KVONAM in San Francisco. The half-hour program ran live on the program  “Morning Edition with Jeff Schectman”

On Sept. 4, 2007 Michael Zey appeared on Fox Radio News Network’s “Mancow Show,” a top-rated nationally-syndicated program. He did a 20 minute interview. Talkers Magazine has listed Mancow as one of the most influential programs in the U.S.

On Sept. 4, 2007, Michael G. Zey appeared on  KYMO-AM/FM Eastern Prairie, Missouri’s  “KYMO Morning Show.” Host and Producer Reid Howell interviewed Dr. Zey for 20 minutes.

Zey appeared on  WKBK-AM, in  Keen New Hampshire, for a  30 minute interview on “Ageless Nation” on the program  “Kid Talk”, with host and producer Steve DeMasco.

Sept. 6, 2007, Michael Zey appeared on “The Mary Jones Show,” on  WDRC-AM in  Hartford Connecticut. The 20 minute live interview dealt with the positive steps people can take to extend their lives.

Zey appeared on station  WGVU-AM & FM Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a  10 minute live interview on NPR’s “Tthe Morning Show,” with host and producer, Shelley Irwin. Zey described Ageless Nation and his views on superlongevity.

Sept. 10, 2007 Michael Zey appeared  for 30 minutes on  50,000 watt   WMET-AM, in  Washington DC. He was interviewed about the impact of the extended life span and medical tourism by host and producer Kathryn Zox on “The Kathryn Zox Show.”

Michael Zey appeared on KEX-AM Sept. 25, 2007 on Portland, Oregon’s  “KEX Morning Update.” This top-rated program was hosted by  Marie Dodds and Paul Linnman.

On Sept. 19, 2007 Michael Zey discussed his book “Ageless Nation” on “Tron in the Morning,” hosted by Tron Simpson. This 15-minute interview ran on KCMN-AM. Colorado Springs, CO.

The nationally-syndicated ”The Lifestyle Show”, hosted by Frankie Boyer, had Michael G. Zey as a guest to discuss his new book, “Ageless Nation.”  The program is part of the national network Lifestyle Talk Radio. The interview lasted approximately 25 minutes.

On Sept. 14, 2007 Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared for 30-minutes on  KMBH-FM. Brownsville Txexas. He discussed superlongevity and the breakthroughs making this revolution possible on NPR’s “Strong and Cooks Good Books,” hosted by producer John Cook. The show is re-run on other NPR stations.

Sept. 18, 2007. WKCT-AM Nashville TV 15 minute interview. Drivetime. Thos host: Roy Brassfield. Alan Palmer Producer.

**Sept. 18, 2007. 10 minute interview. “Touch of Grey,”. On the Talk America Radio Network. Nationally syndicated.

On Sept. 24, 2007  Wisconsin Public Radio hosted Dr. Michael G. Zey on a . 60 minute interview on “Conversations With Joy,” with host  Joy Cardin. This was a call-in show dealing with a plethora of issues related to superlongevity, caloric restriction, and immortality.

Sept. 27, 2007 “The Steve Fast Show” hosted Dr. Michael G. Zey for a 15-minute interview on “Ageless Nation.” The program runs on WJBC-AM,  Bloomington, Ill.

On Sept. 27, 2007, Michael Zey appeared on  Suncoast Magazine, on  WSRQ-AM Sarasota, Florida. The hosts of this program,  Doug Miles and Jim Grady, interviewed Dr. Zey on superlongevity for 15 minutes.

Sept. 27 Philadelphia Pennsylvania “Morning Report” had Dr. Michael Zey as a guest to discuss the economic implications of the extended life span. Zey appeared on KYM-AM a 50,000 watt station.

Michael Zey appeared on WKCT-AM, in  Nashville Tennessee on the drive time news program hosted by   Roy Brassfield. They discussed his book “Ageless Nation.”

Michael Zey was interviewed for 45 minutes about his book “Ageless Nation” on station KJCE-AM. In Austin, Texas. The program “Lets Get Healthy” was hosted by Bill Swail. One of the issues was the debate over the comparative efficacy of drugs vrs. “holistic” natural medicines.

August 2007

Michael G. Zey continued his discussion of the economic and social impacts of medical tourism on KNX-AM, Los-Angeles/Southern California 50,000 watt station. He was interviewed by Bob Brill. Zey appeared twice on KNX in August, 2007.

Michael Zey, Ph.D. appeared on WIP-AM WIP-AM, Philadelphia  PA Conversations with Peter Solomon.  This was a half-hour interview dealing with various aspects of superlongevity and immortality.

Cable Radio Network-CRN National—hosted Michael Zey on their  Nationally- syndicated Cable Talk program,  with Jack Roberts. Zey appeared on August, 27, 2007.

July 2007

Dr. Michael Zey continues his series on the impact of superlongevity on southern California’s station KNX-AM. In his appearance on July 14, 2007 Dr. Zey addressed the issue of the financial aspects of health care and the role of global medical travel in solving the health care dilemma.

Michael Zey presented his paper, “The Superlongevity Revolution and The Advance Toward 400 Million” at the World Future Society annual meeting held in Minneapolis, Minn. in late July 2007. The paper described the economic and social benefits of large populations, focusing on China, India, and the U.S..

June 2007

On Saturday June 2, 2007 Dr. Zey appeared on the the Newshour program with Todd Leitz on KNX-AM, the CBS affiliate in . Zey discussed the need for individuals to take a proactive stance in pursuing breakthrough health and medical technologies  as the Superlongevity Revolution expands. As usual the interviews are re-braodcast at various times during the weekend throughout the Southern California area and often podcast on KNX's website.
The online magazine Spaceflight (www.spaceflight.com) interviewed Dr. Zey for an upcoming issue. The article covers Dr. Zey's views on space technology and the space program, global warming, and obstacles to social progress in the 21st century. In the interview Dr. Zey also discusses his views about the relationship of space exploration to human development and the human future.
May 2007
Dr. Zey was interviewed for Smart Money magazine on the retirement patterns of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers. The interview was for a May or June 2007 issue.
Michael Zey appeared on KNX-AM in Los Angeles twice during the month of May. The interviews covered a variety of issues related to superlongevity. Once program focused on the topic "Medical Tourism", the new trend of people combining medical treatments and vacations on a single excursion. On another program Dr. Zey discussed the emerging "Superlongevity Industry" from both a medical and business perspective.

April 2007  

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Dr. Zey for its Special Features section in a weekend edition to be published in May. The interview covered the scientific and medical breakthroughs underpinning the Superlongevity Revolution, as well as the psychological factors that increase the chances that a person will achieve superlongevity. 


Dr. Zey continued to appear on CBS's Los Angeles news affiliate KNX-AM. The April 7, 2007 interview covered the topic “The Ultra-human Phenomenon.” On April 14 Dr. Zey’s topic is “designer children.”  As is KNX’s practice these Saturday morning interviews are replayed throughout the weekend and into the week.

 March 2007

Dr. Zey was interviewed by INC magazine for an article to appear in the June or July  2007issue. The interview topic was the actions that companies can take and are already taking to retain Baby Boomers who might be considering retiring.  In the interview Zey discusses such issues as training, job sabbaticals, and career sabbaticals, which he covers in depth in his upcoming book Ageless Nation.


Michael Zey appeared again on KNX-AM news in Los Angeles on Feb. 17 and March 3  to discuss the impact of superlongevity on society and the economy, as well as the prospects for the achievement of human immortality. All interviews are replayed throughout the weekend and the following week.

February 2007

KNX-AM interviewed Dr. Michael Zey live on February 2, 2007, on his vision of the future and the impact new technologies will have on societal development. He also discussed the impact of the Superlongevity Revolution on society and the economy. The interview was replayed throughout the weekend and the rest of the week. KNX covers Los Angeles and carries to much of southwestern U.S.

January 2007

Dr. Zey was interviewed by Newsday, a large circulation daily serving the New York City community as well as Long Island and other suburbs. Newsday interviewed Zey for an article dealing with the question of whether baby boomers will opt for retirement and/or semi-retirement as they reach their 50s and 60s. Zey discussed his “Second Wind” concept and re-careering.


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