2008 Appearances

November 2008

>Dr. Michael G. Zey’s article, “The Human Enhancement Revolution,”  appeared in the Fall of 2008  on Discovery.com, the official website of the Discovery Channel. The article, commissioned by the Discovery Channel, deals with the economic, sociological, political and cultural ramifications of human enhancement technology. It will appear in conjunction with the broadcasting of the special program “Superhuman” on the Channel.

October, 2008

>Dr. Michael G. Zey was interviewed by Italian financial newspaper Il Sole24Ore, the Wall Street Journal of Italy. The interview dealt with the social and economic impact of medical tourism, and how it will help solve a number of health care cost issues both in the U.S. and abroad.

>Dr. Michael G. Zey spoke at The Market Research Event taking place October 13-16, 2008 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. Dr. Zey spoke about America in 20/20,” a vision of what the U.S. economy and society will be like just one decade from now. This is hosted by the Institute for International Research, the management/marketing business organization. 

Sept. 2008

> Michael Zey appeared for an hour-long interview on Ageless Lifestyles Radio, which is broadcast through webtakradio.net. The program, hosted by Dr. Michael Brickley, reaches over 100,000 people worldwide. The program dealt with various aspects of the Superlongevity Revolution and its impact on our society and economy.  The program was entitled “ A Futurist Vision of Aging: Very Long Lives, Huge Families.” 

Permanently archived at http://agelesslifestyles.com/2008/09/a-futurist-on-aging/

And also on http://www.webtalkradio.net/index2.php?option=com_podcast&;feed=RSS2.0&no_html=1&catID=31

August 2008

>Michael Zey appeared on Bynon's Toronto Weekend, AM640 Toronto, CMFJ, hosted by  Arlene Bynon. This interview appeared on Sunday, August 3rd, and ran for 20 minutes. Zey discussed his book Ageless Nation. Topics included the superlongevity revolution, retirement, and the potential for rejuvenation. The station reaches much of Eastern Canada and many U.S. states.

July 2008 

>Dr. Michael G. Zey was in Invited to appear on Canada AM Canada’s biggest national morning TV show  (Billed as Canada’s version of  Good Morning America” to discuss Ageless Nation and the impact of Medical Tourism.

>Dr. Michael G. Zey was interviewed for an article “Humanity On The Edge Of Longevity Leap: Futurist”  by Sharon Proudfoot of CanWest News Service. The article ran in Canadian newspapers and was picked up on several news wires. 


>Dr. Michael G. Zey spoke at the 2008 international conference of the World Future Society, to be held at the Hilton Washington  in Washington, DC., July 26-28. Dr. Zey to discuss the national and global economic and social implications of medical tourism

May 2008

>Michael Zey’s oped, “U.S. Could Become an Energy Exporter”  appeared in the May 5, 2008 edition of the Providence Journal, and was picked up internationally by several news services. , Journalhttp://www.projo.com/opinion/contributors/content/CT_zey5_05-05-08_LE9PLV9_v17.39c2998.html

March 2008 

Dr. Michael G. Zey was the keynote speaker at Montclair State University’s Centennial celebration on March 26th, 2008. He will speak about the future of education and the role that the university will play in the nation’s economic ad social development.

February 11th, 2008

Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared February 11th, 2008 on the program "Intelligent Radio," hosted by Ed Banker and carried on WZNZ-AM, in Jacksonville Florida. The interview topics involved medical and economic issues related to Zey''s book "Ageless Nation."

February 5th, 2008:
Dr. Zey was again a guest on the nationally syndicated version of The Frankie Boyer Program, which is broadcast through the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network (lifestyletalkradio.com) and Boston's WBNW. The focus of the interview was on recent medical breakthroughs and their potential impact on health and superlongevity.

February 4th, 2008:
Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared on The Frankie Boyer Program (frankieboyer.com), carried on WBIX-AM in Boston & on wbixonline.com. The interview covered such subjects as the U.S. economy, health care and medical tourism. Zey also discussed his book Ageless Nation.

January, 2008 

>KNX-AM, the Los Angeles/Southern California CBS affiliate interviewed Dr. Michael G. Zey in late January on the impact of the rapid increase in the American population to 400 million by 2045. Zey’s interview ran in various formats during the week January 19-25th 

>Michael Zey appeared on “The Frank Foster Show”, carried on WLSS-AM, based in Tampa,  Sarasota and other parts of coastal Florida, January 19th, 2008. This one-hour interview, heard by approximately 200,000 listeners, covered a broad range of issues related to technology, society, and superlongevity.  Also discussed were the Presidential primaries, the growing tension between the U.S. and Russia, energy solutions, and economy.

>On January 18th, Michael G. Zey appeared on the “John and Ken Show” , a 50,000 Watt Station KFI covering the Los Angeles/Southern California region. Dr. Zey discussed his book Ageless Nation, superlongevity, and also the field of futurism and its methodology.

>On January 15, 2008 Michael Zey appeared on “Voices Around The Sound”  on KBSG Seattle, Washington,  hosted by Marion Charatan.  During the half-hour interview Zey discussed his views on America’s short-term economic prospects, The impact of  energy prices on the U.S. economy, the “housing market,” and the impact of military spending on the U.S. economy. Zey also discussed the importance of expanding the U.S. energy base, including nuclear power, coal, oil drilling, and ultimately nuclear fusion. 

>On January 14th 2008 Michael Zey was interviewed on the   Ed Flynn show on      WATR in  Waterbury Connecticut, which covers the Hartford/New Haven  Market Area. Dr. Zey discussed his predictions for 2008, as well as his book Ageless Nation. He also talked about presidential election prospects, the economy, the housing market, energy solutions, and population growth. 

>On  Sunday  January 13, 2008  Michael Zey did a 15 minute interview with     Arms Bumanlag on CKLW-AM, Windsor, Ontario. This program is broadcast on both Canadian and Detroit radio stations. He spoke about his book Ageless Nation and his predictions about the adoption of high speed trains in the U.S. and elsewhere in North America, the impact of high-speed rail on the economy and jobs.

>On January 9, 2008 Dr. Michael G. Zey was interviewed on the program “Info Track”, hosted by Dave Baum. This program is nationally syndicated to over 100 Stations. Michael Zey discussed the impact of robotics on the economy, society, and interpersonal relationships. Zey described methods futurists use to make predictions. The program explored Zey’s personal philosophy and social and economic theories. The program is archived on::


>Dr. Michael G. Zey on  January 6th, 2008 appeared on the “The Bill Cunningham Show”, on the ABC Radio Network.    This program is nationally syndicated to 300 markets, reaching over a million listeners. The flagship station is WLW in Cincinnati Ohio.   Zey discussed the nation's "climate of negativity," and why optimism is so important to people's personal lives as well as in the life of the nation. Zey described why he is upbeat about the economic outlook for the U.S. 

> On Friday, January 4th, 2008, Michael Zey appeared on the Biz Radio Network, that runs on several stations in the Houston and  Dallas Texas area, including statins KXYZ  and  KMNY. The intervierwer was  Peggy Tuck. In the  one-hour interview Dr. Zey expressed his views on the Presidential primaries, prospects of  the American economy,  superlongevity and its impact on economy and society, medical tourism, and how investors can take advantage of these trends. 

> On January 3rd, 2008,  Dr. Michael G. Zey did a 2-hour interview on  the Allan Handelman, on 50,000 Watt WZTK, Greensboro, NC. Besides discussing superlongevity, Zey discussed a wide variety of issues, including the Presidential primaries, China's efforts to dominate the space race, U.S. energy policy, the housing and sub-prime mortgage issue, and various breakthrough technologies  

 >On January  2nd  2008 Michael Zey appeared on 50,000 Watt Detroit, Michigan station. The half-hour interview was conducted by host John McCulloch. Much of the program examined Dr. Zey’s views on the U.S. energy future, especially the development of nuclear fusion globally. He also discussed his book Ageless Nation.

> Michael Zey appeared on  Jan 1, 2008, on  KGNW-AM, Seattle Washington’s 50,000 Watt Station. The host was  Thor Tolo. The interview dealt with Zey’s predictions for 2008, including Zey’s belief that we will see the some form of military draft in the U.S. in the not-to-distant future. He also talked about new developments in technology and the space activities of China and India. 



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