About Dr. Zey

Dr. Michael G. Zey is a renowned and thought-provoking keynote speaker on a variety of social, economic, technological, and political trends For over two decades he has keynoted various conferences, professional meetings, and trade shows for organizations such as AT&T, United Technologies, United Airlines, Dow Jones, and the World Future Society.

Some of Dr. Zey’s Speaking Topics Include:

  • Anticipating The Future: Making Predictions in an Unpredictable World
  • The Superlongevity Revolution: How Radical Life Extension Will Impact Your Company
  • Mentoring, Mentor Programs, and Your Organization
  • Revitalizing The American Economy
  • Future Macrotrends That Will Shape the Future

To inquire about his various presentations and how to book Dr. Michael G. Zey for your conference, show, or meeting, e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More on Dr. Zey

Dr. Michael G. Zey is the author of “Ageless Nation” (New Horizons/Kensington), “The Future Factor” (Transaction Publishers; McGraw-Hill  hard cover),  “Seizing the Future: The Dawn of the Macroindustrial Era” (Simon and Schuster, hardcover; Transaction Publishers/ Paperback) and The Mentor Connection (Dow Jones-Irwin, Transaction Publishers paperback.) 

He consults in the areas of formal mentor programs, future trends, technology development, career issues, and leadership development for Fortune 500 companies and government, including AT&T, Nabisco (all divisions), Kaiser Associates, Warner Lambert, Hoechst-Celanese,  United Technologies, the New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations. 

Dr. Michael Zey’s controversial and original views on social and techno-trends have appeared in the LA Times, Providence (RI) Journal, Boston Globe, Worth, the Christian Science Monitor, Entrepreneur, the Sacramento Bee, The Age (Melbourne, Australia), La Liberation (Paris), Prosper, Flair and Il Sole/24Ore (Italy)  The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABCnews.com, Radio Free Europe, La Monde, and XMSatellite’’s USAToday/Newstalk station, NJ Business, as well as on WABC’s “Batchelor and Alexander Show”, AT&T’s “Tech TV” and “The Bill Cunningham Show”, as well as many NPR programs. He has been interviewed for The Wall Street Journal Report, CNBC, CNN, The Turning Point, and the Brazilian Globotv network program “Jornal Nacional”. He has been an invited guest on FoxNews, PBS’s Nightly Business Report, and ABC’s 20/20. His views on human enhancement technologies appear on the website of the Discovery Channel, www.discovery.com.

He is a regular contributor to KNX-AM, the Los-Angeles news affiliate of CBS, and is the National Future Trends analyst at Examiner.com

Michael Zey serves as Executive Director of the Expansionary Institute (www.zey.com),  is a Professor at Montclair State University, NJ and consults to corporations and government agencies.


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