2006 Appearances

December, 2006

Minority Business Report interviewed Dr. Zey about the prospects for minority businesses in the U.S. and internationally. Zey described various economic factors which could affect the success of such enterprises. 

November, 2006

Invited on Michigan Radio network to discuss the new space race evolving between the U.S., China, and Japan, and the possibility of the U.S. establishing a permanent colony on the Moon. The Michigan Radio network, anchored by station, covers most of the state and surrounding Midwestern commuities.

August, 2006


Dr. Zey was interviewed by 1Up.com, for an article that will appear on its website and in its publications, including Electronic Gaming Monthly and Computer Gaming Magazine. The article deals with the impact of gaming on marriage, family, and childrearing.

July 2006:

Michael Zey did speak at the 2006  meeting of the World Future Society to be held in Toronto. His topic is “The Second Wind: Choosing Re-Careering Over Retirement in The Superlongevity Era.”

A UK publication, Human Resources Management, interviewed Michael Zey for an upcoming issue. The interview covered a wide range of issues related to the impact of the aging workforce on business and the economy. Zey discussed ways companies can retain older workers.

June, 2006


Dr. Zey appeared on “The Big Show”, hosted by Michael Patrick Shiels, on a live 9-station hook-up carried throughout Michigan, including Lansing’s WJIM-AM. Zey discussed the American space program and the growing competition between the U.S. and China for primacy in the space arena.

April, 2006


The American Economic Association  favorably reviewed  Zey’s book The Future Factor (McGraw-Hill/Transaction Books, 2004) in itsJournal of Economic Literature and will annotate the book in its electronic publications e-Jel, JEL on CD, and EconLit.

March, 2006


The Atlanta Journal Constitution  interviewed Dr. Zey about the growing personal development, leisure, and entertainment options open to retiring Baby Boomers in the 21st century. The article, entitled "New Breed of Elderly Will Affect Everything", also appeared in a number of other papers in the Cox Communication publication network. 

January 2006:

For its January 2006 edition Minority Business News USA magazine interviewed Dr. Zey on a wide range of issues related to the economic climate for entrepreneurs in the coming year.

The World Economic Forum invited Michael Zey to write an article on superlongevity for the 2006 edition of its official publication Global Agenda Magazine.  Zey’s article, is entitled “The Long Term Global Economic Implications of The Radically Extended Human Life Span”. The magazine will be distributed at the Forum’s 2006 annual meeting held in Davos, Switzerland as well as at Forum meetings held throughout the year. (NOTE: The World Economic Forum’s annual Davos meeting is a conclave of the “global elite--world leaders, corporate heads, and major academics.” Their magazine features articles by the likes of Clinton, Corzine, and Kofi Annan.


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