2005 Appearances

December, 2005 

Dr.Zey has been invited to speak at the University of Shanghai, China in late 2005. The University has requested that  Zey lecture on his vision of the future of the human species and his theories on human destiny.

The  London Guardian interviewed Dr. Zey for an article entitled ““So, How Long Have We Got?” by writer Tim Dowling. The article examined various aspects of the superlongevity revolution. http://www.zey.com/ceilidh/44c5ab05Xzu-5851-819-00.htm

NOV 2005: 
Dr. Michael Zey's  article "The Superlongevity Revolution" was the front cover article in the November-December issue of the Futurist magazine. The article deals with the social, economic, and cultural impact of the radical extension of the life span the human species  and reviews the current and future technologies making revolution possible.

An updated version of Zey’s Op-Ed on baby boomer retirements ran in the Nov. 2 2005 Christian Science Monitor. The piece was entitled “'Boomer Workers' To Stay On The Job”.  

OCT 2005:
The Dallas Morning News interviewed Dr. Zey on steps companies should take to retain baby boomer workers. It was entitled “Go For The Golden More Companies Prize Older Workers For Lifetime Of Know-How” . Dallas Morning News. This article was picked up by dozens of papers across the U.S.

AUG 2005:
Michael Zey’s Op-Ed  “Will They Stay Or Will The Go: Business Braces for Boomer Retirements”, appeared in both the Newark Star-Ledger and the San Diego Union Tribune. In the article Zey discussed the causes and impact of imminent  baby boomer retirements in the U.S..

JUL 2005:
Michael Zey was interviewed by the Sacramento Bee in July 2005 for an article on the terror bombings in London entitled "Camera Phones Turn Bystanders into Chroniclers of Catastrophe", The story was  picked up by the Scripps-Howard News Service and ran in papers throughout the U.S.

Dr. Zey will address the World Future Society on "How Superlongevity and the Quest for Physical Perfection Will Impact Society". He will deliver the speech at the Society's conference to be held in Chicago, Ill, July, 2005.

JUN 2005:
Dr. Michael G. Zey was quoted in the June 2005 Entrepreneur Magazine “On Foreign Soil”, which dealt with how businesses planning to expand overseas can access needed information and advice.

Michael G. Zey appeared in the June 4 Sacramento Bee article “Laptops Carrying A Bigger Load”. The article explored the impact of the consumers tendency to increasingly use laptops and other portable devices instead of desktops for business and professional purposes.

Dr. Michael Zey contributed a chapter to the forthcoming book Foresight, Innovation, and Strategy, published by the World Future Society, June 2005. This chapter, entitled "The Superlongevity Revolution: The Economic and Social Impact of Radically Extended Life Spans".   

MAY 2005:
Dr. Michael Zey signed a contract for his next book which will deal with superlongevity and immortality. Expected publication date is late-2006. The publisher is New Horizons Press, distributed by Kensington Books.

APR 2005:
In April 2005  Michael  Zey will present a paper "Cybermentoring: The Prognosis for Online Mentoring Relationships" at the 2005 "Diversity in Mentoring" conference. The meeting will be held in Oakland California.

MAR 2005:
The Sunday Telegraph (Australia) featured Dr. Michael Zey in the article “Staying Alive”, which examined the social, cultural, and economic effects of the Superlongevity Revolution.

FEB, 2005
The  Boston Globe interviewed Michael Zey about the impact of video games on young children.  It appeared in the February 20, 2005 issue in an article entitled “What Are Video Games Turning Us Into?

JAN 2005:
Entrepreneur magazine interviewed Dr. Zey for an upcoming issue on  factors that small and medium businesses should consider when making the decision to outsource production and services to offshore firms and locations. Zey emphasized the economic and political forces impacting the outsourcing decision.

January 2005 Dr. Zey was  interviewed for an article that will appear in eDefense Online and the Journal of Electronic Defense.  The article deals with the  impact of new electronic technologies on the military and the "soldier of the future".

The January 2, 2005 edition of The Morris County Daily Record published an interview with Dr. Zey on upcoming economic and technology trends that could impact New Jersey in 2005 and beyond.

January 2005 Dr. Zey addressed the State of California's Command College on "Future Technology Trends". The Command College was established to provide leadership training for key law enforcement personnel to fill key emerging positions in the California criminal justice system.


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