2002 Appearances

On December 14 2002, Michael Zey appeared on WHO-AM in Des Moines Iowa, a 50,000-watt station reaching several mid-west US states as well as parts of Canada. He appeared on the "Radio WiseGuys" program with Danny Bishop et. al. He discussed our energy future, and various breakthroughs that might lead to US energy independence.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch interviewed Dr. Zey on the issue of superlongevity for its November 30th 2002 edition. The title of the article is "It's Not Sci-Fi-It's Life". Zey and other experts described how the extended life span will impact work, retirement, and politics. (Click here to read article)

Dr. Zey appeared in The Las Vegas Mercury's November 14th 2002 edition in an article entitled "Reality Bytes: These Flops Of Comdex Past Prove The Future Ain't What It Used To Be". The article, timed to appear when the annual Comdex trade show opened in Las Vegas, NV, examined why certain technologies such as E-books, DVD-audio, and failed to catch on as commercially viable products. (Click here to read article.)

The Innovisions Frontiers Office of the National Imaging and Mapping Agency (NIMA), a US government agency, invited Dr. Zey to participate in a closed workshop of 50 top experts on politics, economics, intelligence gathering, and the future. The workshop dealt with "Proactive Change: The Characterization of Global Change and the Implications for Geospatial Intelligence over the next 30 Years".

On November 14, 2002 Zey spoke at the Somerset, NJ Men's Club on "Technological Development and Human Destiny".

Michael Zey's book "The Future Factor", originally published by McGraw-Hill, has been published in Chinese by China Machine Press in coordination with McGraw Hill-Education. Major distribution is in the People's Republic of China. It is being considered for translation in a number of other languages, including German, Hungarian, Italian and Portugese

The University of Puerto Rico invited Dr. Zey to deliver two plenary addresses at conferences to be held in Ponce, P.R. on October 24th 2002, and October 25th, 2002. Zey will address the top engineering, science, and mathematics faculties from a variety of universities in two separate conferences on "Mentoring" and on "Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences" Dr. Zey's theme will be "Creating Excitement About Science's Role in the Future".

For its September, 2002 edition, Odyssey magazine, a science/technology periodical for high-schoolers, asked Dr. Zey to speculate on the social and economic impact of the "city of the future". Zey specifically focused on two new urban structures, the mile-high city and the underground town.

Cleveland-based Penton Media interviewed Michael Zey regarding his views on the state of the US economy and the steps the US should take to emerge from its current economic malaise. The article specifically focused on how the economy impacts the information technology field. The interview is scheduled to appear in September 2002 editions of Penton magazines Windows, Internet World, and Dot.net. Penton might also include the interview in a proposed new magazine The IT Consultant.

The LA Times featured Dr. Zey in an article entitled "Withdrawal into Our Cells", in its Sept. 18, 2002 edition. In the article Dr. Zey discussed a wide variety of issues related to the impact of wireless communications, especially cell phones, on interpersonal communication. The article can be accessed by clicking here.

The "Mike Murphy Show" on KCMO-AM (Kansas City) will feature Dr. Zey for 1 1/2 hour interview on the political and economic factors impeding the emergence of technologies such as high-speed rail, cold (and hot) fusion, genetically-modified foods, and broadband communications. Monday. August 26, 2002, 9:30 AM Central, 10:30 AM EDT.

On July 30, 2002, Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared for a one-hour interview on Wisconsin Public Radio on the "Conversations with Tom Clark" program . Zey described the role political and economic forces have played in slowing the introduction of new technologies such as high-speed trains, nuclear fusion, and genetically-modified foods.

National Geographic Travel Magazine interviewed Zey for its October 2002 article on the future of satellite communications.

Dr. Zey appeared on KASH-FM, Anchorage Alaska, July 25, the "Dawson McKay and Jimmy" program, to discuss emerging technologies and obstacles they encounter on political and economic front.

The San Diego Union-Tribune interviewed Michael Zey for an article to appear in its August 4th, 2002 edition. The story deals with the impact of the current economic climate on companies' investment in innovation and ground-breaking technology. In the interview Zey discusses a wide variety of factors shaping our attitude toward the future, including the media, government, and corporate leaders. (Click Here to View)

On July 21, 2002, Zey will address the World Future Society annual conference to be held at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The title of Dr Zey's lecture is "When the Future Doesn't Happen: How Politics, Ideology, and Economics Can Hinder Technological


In June, 2002, ABCNews.com, the website of the news division of the ABC Television Network, interviewed Michael Zey for it's in-depth examination of the social and economic impact of the wireless technology revolution in the US and around the world. ABCNEWS.com : The Wireless World of the Future

The Hartford Business Journal interviewed Dr. Zey on the future of the space business for it's May, 2002 edition. Zey discussed such opportunities as space tourism and mining of asteroids and the Moon.

Pennsylvania Business Central interviewed Michael Zey for an article appearing in it's April 2002 edition on what businesses can do to continue on a growth path during periods of economic slowdown.

The NJ Daily Record interviewed Dr. Zey for its April 7, 2002 edition, for an article dealing with the impact of television on the culture, society, and the economy. "At age 75, TV Still Makes Waves" (click to review).

Michael Zey made his 2nd appearance March 25, 2002 on Batchelor/Alexander program, WABC-AM, New York and many US states, plus UK, webstreamed internationally. Zey discussed alternative energy sources (such as cold and hot fusion, hybrid fuel cells, solar satellites, etc.) and how their development might finally liberate the US from dependence on Mideast oil (and

thereby strengthening America's hand in the War on Terrorism.)

March 19, 2002, Zey was interviewed on Radio Free Europe's "Russian service" on space tourism. The program investigated the reasons behind Russia's strong pursuit of space tourism business NASA's seeming disinterest in space tourism. The program ran throughout Russia and Eastern Europe on short-wavelast night, with Russian translation voice-over.

March 20, 2000 Dr. Zey made his second appearance on KGAB Wyoming/Colorado's KGAB, the "The Morning Zone" with David Chaffin, to discuss his to discuss my "bold plan for US economic revival". I am now a "regular" guest on program.

March 1, 2002 Michael Zey appeared on WMTR-AM "NJ Connection" for a half-hour interview with Jesse Frees and Julie Briggs to discuss future trends in biotech, energy, and the economy.

March 2002 Odyssey magazine, a science / technology periodical for high-schoolers, interviewed Dr. Zey about the social and environmental impact of the "city of the future", including the mile-high cities and underground towns.

January 2002 Dr. Michael Zey appeared on KSMB (New Orleans) for an interview dealing with the ecnomic trends for 2002.

Dr. Zey discussed the social, economic, and political impact of high-speed rail on WABC-AM New York's "Batchelor / Alexander Show" Thursday, Feb 21, 2002. This program is carried on about 30+ states, parts of Canada, ans is beamed to UK, plus webstreamed on the Internet.

January 2, 2002 Dr. Michael Zey appeared on Business Talk Radio network's Lewis Berst program broadcast over hundreds of stations nationwide and worldwide on the web. (www.berst.com) He appeared with Randolpe Wicker, Director of the Human Cloning Foundation, discussing "How Cloning Can benefit the Human Species".

On January 7, 2002 Dr. Zey discussed the issue of human cloning on WGAB, which services Wyoming and Colorado, on "The Morning Zone" with David Chaffin.

Dr. Zey was interviewed by PC Magazine for its February 2002 issue. The interview dealt with impact of computer, communication, and information technologies on both the global economy and the lives of Americans.

Hispanic Magazine interview Michael Zey for a forthcoming article on the US economy. Specifically, the article asked Zey to speculate about what industries and companies he thinks will most likely lead the US economy out of its current recession.

Worth magazine interviewed Dr. Michael Zey for an article appearing in their January 2002 issue. The article deals with the methods futurists such as Dr. Zey employ to forecast economic, technological, and stock market trends. Dr. Zey describes how he utilizes his Expansionary Theory to envision emerging trends.

In November 2001 Newsweek interviewed Dr. Michael Zey on how global adoption of the English language is impacting organizational behavior and culture as well as the business practices of Asian, European, and American corporations.

The Asbury Park Press featured Dr. Zey in a November 2001 article on the future of transportation technology and how it will impact the New Jersey economy.

November 10, 2001 Dr. Zey will speak at the national conference of the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management, Charleston, SC (Radisson Hotel). His topic is "Cybermentoring, Telementoring and Beyond: The Emerging Role of Computer and Electronic Mediated Relationships in Business Formal Mentor Programs."

On October 9, 2001 Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared on KVON-AM's "Late Mornings with Jeff Schechtman". The program airs live in the San Francisco/Oakland, as well as world wide on the Station's website. Dr. Zey will discuss the expansionary vision for revitializing the national and global economy.

In October 2001 Entrepreneur magazine interviewed Michael Zey for its January issue. The interview focused measures required to revitalize the US economy.

Zey was interviewed for the USANetwork all newstalk channel that will soon begin broadcasting nationally over the SatelliteXM radio network. His interviews will run in fall 2001. The two interviews are on "The Passing of the Greatest Generation" and "The Real Meaning of Census 2000".

Dr. Zey will appear in the October 2001 Training magazine in an article on The Future of the Corporate Boardroom.

The Futurist magazine is featuring Dr. Zey's book The Future Factor as the cover of the May-June 2001 issue. They label the excerpt "Our Evolutionary Path into the Universe"

Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared on the nationally-syndicated Don & Carla Show on Friday, July 6th, 2001 (10PM EDT) and will appear again on Monday, August 6th, 2001 (10PM EDT). This program is broadcast on a variety of stations, and appears on the Internet as www.donandcarla.net.

Michael Zey appeared as a speaker at the World Future Society annual conference, Minneapolis, MN July 30, 2001. His speech is entitled "The Emerging Vision of Human Destiny"

Montclair State University is profiling Dr. Zey in a special feature "Research Report" published June 2001. This report spotlights the contributions of the University's scholars and researchers.

Appeared 3/29/01 for two-hour interview on the nationally syndicated program "The Quest with Peter Weissback" www.weissbachthequest.com to discuss technology, human destiny, and other issues.

Appeared 2/27/01 on "Mike Murphy Show" on KCMO-AM, Kansas City, for 1 1/2 hour interview on The Future Factor, space travel, and superlongevity.

Appeared on "The Laura Lee Show" (www.lauralee.com) on Jan 29, 2001, to discuss future and destiny of human species. Archived on website. Wide-ranging discussion about the Expansionary Theory of Human Development. "The Impact of the New Economy on Information Technology". Speech will be delivered February 20, 2001, at an AT&T conference in Atlanta, Georgia. "Cybermentoring and Its Impact on Corporations: Overcoming the Obstacle of Physical Distance". To be presented at the Diversity in Mentoring Conference, Washington, DC, March 2001.

Interviewed by Johnstown (PA) Tribune-Democrat on ways to revive the economy of regions like Western PA for the paper's yearly business review. Interview will appear February 2001.

Appeared on "Cliff Kincaid Show" 11/29/00 at 9 AM EST to discuss book Future Factor and impact of presidential election on technology development.

Appeared n CNNfn Tuesday 12/26/00 9 PM EST on "Entrepreneurs Only" to discuss trends impacting business in 2001. Interviewed on www.talk2k.com on "Kyle Warren Show" November, 2000. This interview is permanently archived at website.

Interviewed 12/27/00 WMAY-AM, Springfield, Illinois, "The Jack Jackson Show", on coming techno-trends and The Future Factor.

Interviewed for Morristown Daily Record on major events shaping 2001 and beyond.

"The 21st Century Mentoring Program". Presented at the national conference of the International Behavioral and Applied Management Association. San Diego, CA. November, 2000.

"Communications Technology and E-commerce: Possibilities and Potential in the 21st Century". Presented to AT&T special forum Oct. 30, 2000, The Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ Heard Museum.


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